#Cuervolución fire bar tricks! @JoseCuervoSA (at Bree Street Studios, Cape Town)

#Cuervolución with @JoseCuervoSA! (at Bree Street Studios, Cape Town)

Resizing @fedisacapetown pics, can’t wait to have them up :)

Oh hai cutie @tegansmithphotography

The @spreecoza SS Lookboard is on the blog, take a peek 👀

Ruining photos, the usual. @therealfashionjazz @fatimasaib

@forever21sa lowdown was posted on the blog last week. Still freaking out about it! ❤

First time joining in on the #niftycolourproject :) Purple dress at @lazulicapetown

Hello there :) Here are #20factsaboutme as nominated by @officialmoze.

1. I’m terrible at math.                       
2. I love pole fitness and I want a pole in my home. 
3. I have a scar on my eyelid from when my brother accidentally tore it open when we were kids.
4. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFP.
5. I’m really into french fries, I will always have fries with that.
6. I’m terrified of flying but I love travelling.       
7. I’m a feminist.
8. I got a tattoo at 14 and thought I was so cool.
9. I want a septum piercing but I’m really not that cool.
10. I love to make people laugh.
11. I’m obsessed with learning languages and know a lot of weird words.
12. I wanted to be a singer when I grew up.
13. The OC changed my taste in music XD.
14. I like to freeze soda and eat it with a spoon.
15. I was a huge Tim Burton and Danny Elfman fan.
16. I have OCD and my compulsions revolve around the number 4 or multiples of 4.
17. I pissed off Ryan Reynolds once.
18. I like to change up perfumes to associate the fragrances with different memories.
19. I dislike pants, much prefer skirts and dresses.
20. My cousin and I sound exactly the same on the phone.

I’m nominating @nati_lips @fatimasaib @therealfashionjazz @saturdaygirlsa and @tegansmithphotography. Tell me your 20 facts!

@iispeakprada and @carolyn_brophy nail art #nailobsessed (at Hudsons Kloof Street)

#latergram Loved the live music from @markhaze12, was such a beautiful day @fedisacapetown (at FEDISA)

Knit and knot @fedisacapetown #fedisa (at FEDISA)

Peek at the Markham Menswear FEDISA Fashion Flash @fedisacapetown #fedisa

Love this dress! Pastel dreamz #SpreeSS2014 @spreecoza

#tbt Squinting on a sunny day with my dad and brother, June 2000. New York, I love you.